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Security Camera Wireless AC +FS

Amazon offers Security Camera Wireless for after code free shipping.

Apply Code: H3325QG9

Product Description:
  • Wireless Convenience - Experience the ease of installation and saygoodbye to tedious wiring with our battery-powered TENVIS RN-D40wireless security camera; this wireless security camera is perfect forhomeowners who don't want to damage existing structures. Securitycameras have a standby time of up to 1-2 months (depending on alarmfrequency). Perfect for indoor and outdoor settings, from the livingroom to the yard. NOTE: Wireless security cameras only connect to 2.4GHzWi-Fi signals.
  • 2K Ultra-Clear Resolution - Capture every detail with the 4MP HDcamera. The maximum supported resolution is 2560x1440, so you'll getcrystal-clear images whether you're monitoring a driveway, yard, orindoor space. With the help of security cameras, you can use your mobilephone to open Tuya app to monitor home security anytime and anywhere,taking your home security to a new level.
  • Efficient Storage - No need to worry about storage space thanks tosmart storage algorithms. The camera is compatible with Micro SD cardsand cloud storage, offering multiple data storage options. This is amust-have for those who want a comprehensive and adaptable securitysystem. Note: Cloud storage requires a paid subscription. If you don'twant to use cloud storage, just insert the SD card into the camera torecord alarm video. (This camera does not include an SD card)
  • Weatherproof Durability - Made from IP65 weatherproof materials, thisoutdoor camera can withstand a variety of environmental conditions,ensuring continuous operation rain or shine. Ideal for outdoorinstallations in gardens, driveways, or even warehouses. This securitycamera has the ability to be charged via a small solar panel. This wayyou don’t have to pay for electricity for your camera and don’t have totake it off to charge it.
  • Advanced Night Vision - See clearly in the dark with dual 33-foot nightvision. Choose a monochrome or full-color view to get the clearestimage possible, every time. This feature is a must-have for 24/7security monitoring to keep your home safe at night.
  • Smart Body Contour Detection - Receive accurate alerts with yourcamera's smart body contour detection feature. Stop sifting throughfalse alarms and focus on what matters most. Ideal for parents who wantto keep an eye on their children or homeowners who are keen onmaximizing security.
  • Two-way Voice Intercom - Communicate freely with a built-in two-wayvoice intercom with noise suppression and echo cancellation. Whetherit's a quick chat with family or keeping intruders at bay, this featureadds a layer of convenience and security.
  • QR Code Connection - Setting up your camera is a breeze with QR codesmart connection. Forget complicated WiFi configuration; just scan theQR code and get started. Perfect for those who value quick, simplesolutions.

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Posted on 12 June 2024, 12:02 PM