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Aobosi Masticating Juicer Machine AC +FS

Amazon offers Aobosi Masticating Juicer Machine for after coupon free shipping.

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Product Description:
  • ✅ 🍦 Innovative Multi-Functionality - The Aobosi juicer doesn't just extract fresh juices; it also delivers an astonishing ice cream experience! Freeze your favorite fruits, then effortlessly transform them into silky-smooth, delicious ice cream with our unique attachments. No need for extra ice cream machines or complicated recipes - just one Aobosi juicer is all you need to effortlessly create healthy, fresh homemade ice cream.
  • ✅ 🥦 Perfectly-Sized 3.1in(80MM) Feed Chute - Experience Optimal Convenience! Aobosi masticating juicer boasts the ideal 3.1-inch size. It's not too big, not too small – it's just right! Embrace effortless juicing with whole fruits and veggies, perfectly tailored to fit our thoughtfully designed feed chute. Note: Enjoy the ease of juicing fruits under 3.1-in in diameter whole, while fibrous veggies can be accommodated with a simple pre-cut, ensuring every drop is packed with goodness!
  • ✅ 🍊 Instant Setup & Enhanced Filtration - With Aobosi cold press juicer's snap-in hopper and filters, setup becomes a breeze. Within seconds, you're ready to juice. The enhanced filter system of our cold press juicer machine features two sizes of micro-holes for precise filtration. Larger holes expedite juicing and simplify cleanup, while smaller holes refine for pure juice enjoyment—precision filtration at its finest, courtesy of our upgraded accessories.
  • ✅ 🍓 Safety First, Performance Always - Aobosi juicer machines with a reverse function to prevent clogs and all BPA-free parts, a safety lock is built-in. A powerful 200W motor and dual-filtration demand high juice yield and nutrition. All detachable parts of the slow masticating juicer are easy to clean with our handy brush.
  • ✅ 🍏 High Juice Yield & 200W Motor - A precision-engineered motor extracts every drop of goodness without noise. The slow juicer uses a quiet low-speed DC motor, equipped with smart chips, so the juicer machine stops automatically every 20 minutes. Enjoy a quiet morning at less than 60dB without disturbing your family and neighbors.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 16 June 2024, 02:32 PM