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Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor AC +FS

Amazon offers Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor for after code free shipping.

Apply Code: 50W6D4N2

Product Description:
  • 【High-Capacity Battery & Rapid Inflation】: Equipped with a robust20000mAh rechargeable battery, our tire inflator portable air compressoroperates cordlessly for up to 2 hours. Boasting 2x faster inflation and+30% more power than standard electric pumps, it ensures efficient andspeedy tire inflation.
  • 【Efficient 12V Portable Air Pump】: Our high-performance tire inflatorfeatures a built-in advanced chip for rapid inflation. With a maximumpressure of 150 PSI and an air flow of 36 L/Min, it can fill a small cartire (25-36PSI) in just 1 minute under regular conditions or fullyinflate car tires (0-36PSI) in a mere 5 minutes.
  • 【Intelligent 4+N Modes】: Experience ease with our 4 preset inflationmodes designed for bikes, motorcycles, cars, and balls – perfect forbeginners. The manual mode allows customization with pressure settingsranging from 3 to 150psi, catering to diverse inflation needs. An idealchoice for inflating car tires, motorcycle tires, and bicycle tires.
  • 【Precision with Dual LCD Screens】: Our car tire air pump features dualdigital LCD screens, displaying real-time and preset tire pressure datasimultaneously. Easily preset and monitor tire pressure, with automaticshut-off upon reaching the desired pressure. Say goodbye to concernsabout over-inflating your tires.
  • 【Versatile Multi-Functionality】: Beyond tire inflation, our product is apowerhouse. Featuring a USB-C input port and a USB-A output port, itdoubles as an emergency power source for mobile phones and digitaldevices. The top is equipped with an LED emergency light, providingconvenience for tire inflation and changes in low-light conditions.

Category: Automotive

Posted on 24 June 2024, 03:29 PM