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Teeth Whitening Kit AC

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Product Description:
  • POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE TEETH WHITENING KIT- Teeth whitening kit withLED Light can gently and effectively remove stubborn stains caused bycoffee, smoking, vine, soda, and food.Just 15 minutes per day, only 2 to3 times, you can experience a whitening effect of 2 or more shades. Ithelps you effortlessly achieve a dazzling smile and regain yourconfidence!
  • PROFESSIONAL TEETH CARE AT HOME-Our teeth whitening kit offersdentist-grade gel with 35% carbamide peroxide and features 5 powerfulLED bulbs activate the whitening process. Say goodbye to expensivedental visits and enjoy affordable teeth whitening care in the comfortof your own home, give you a stain-free smile.
  • SAFE WHITENING FORMULA-Teeth whitening gel contains 35% carbamideperoxide, gentle and effective, gluten-free. The blue desensitizing gelis specially designed for sensitive teeth, enhancing enamel to reducesensitivity. Only 1/4 of the gel on the syringe scale for each use. Foroptimal whitening results, it is recommended to use the LED teethwhitening light to enhance the whitening effect.
  • TEETH WHITENING LIGHT ACCELERATED EFFECT- LED teeth whitening light canactivate the whitening gel ingredients and accelerate the whiteningprocess. It has a built-in 10-minute timer, allowing you to relax, read,or attend to other tasks while whitening your teeth, without check thetime.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION-Teeth whitening kit allows you to exude aconfident and bright smile in various occasions, such as dates,interviews, or gatherings. It also serves as a thoughtful gifts choicefor Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthday , whether it is for familymembers, friends, or loved ones. It not only enhances their beauty butalso provides exceptional professional dental care.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES- 1 * Teeth whitening light, 4 * Teeth whitening gel, 2* Blue desensitizing gel, 2 * Gel tray, 1 * Tray case, 1 * Brush, 1 *Instruction Manual.

Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Posted on 25 June 2024, 01:46 PM