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Vevor 4V 1/4" Cordless Screwdriver AC +FSSS

Amazon offers Vevor 4V 1/4" Cordless Screwdriver for after code. Eligible for free super saver shipping.

Apply Code: 50QV337M

Product Features:
  • Powerful Motor: Experience the driving force of our cordless screwdriver with its high-performance 4V motor, delivering an impressive maximum torque of 6.5Nm and a rapid speed of 210 RPM. Whether you're tackling drilling tasks or fastening applications, this robust cordless power screwdriver ensures optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Operation Flexibility: Elevate your working experience with our electric screwdriver's innovative dual-position rotating handle. No matter the tight spaces or challenging angles, this feature provides exceptional maneuverability, allowing you to navigate effortlessly and accomplish your tasks with ease. Say goodbye to restrictions and embrace a more productive work process.
  • Illuminating Dark Areas: Shine a light on your workspace with confidence using the rechargeable screwdriver front flashlight equipped with a high-brightness LED. This powerful illumination feature ensures enhanced visibility and security in dimly lit or shadowy environments. No matter the time or location, our precision screwdriver equips you to handle any situation with precision and clarity.
  • Lightweight and Portable Companion: Designed with convenience in mind, our rechargeable screwdriver weighs a mere 1.3 kilograms, making it remarkably lightweight and easy to handle. Its compact size further enhances maneuverability, reducing muscle fatigue during extended periods of use. Embrace optimal efficiency as you effortlessly tackle various assembly and disassembly tasks with this portable powerhouse.
  • Unleash Cordless Convenience: Experience the freedom of unrestricted movement with our cordless screwdriver set's 2000mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery. Enjoy the convenience of cordless operation, liberating you from the constraints of tangled wires. This reliable battery-powered screwdriver ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to work continuously without interruption. A more flexible and comfortable way of working as you navigate various work environments with ease.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 26 June 2024, 08:33 AM