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2 Pack Sonic Electric Toothbrush AC

Amazon offers 2 Pack Sonic Electric Toothbrush for after code free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Apply Code: 50MGV39P

Product Description:

The toothbrush has 6 modes: sensitive, gentle, clean, massage, gumprotection and bright white, suitable for different mouths and gums. Youcan choose a stronger or gentler mode depending on your mouth and gumconditions. And the electric toothbrush has a gear memory function,which can record the mode used when it was turned off last time.
4 Hours Charging for 60 Days Using
Built-in high-capacity battery, 4 hours fast charging technology, 1charge can be used for 60 days(2 times a day). USB cable compatible with5V0.5A Adapter (Adapter is not included in the package) or applicableto a USB port, such as phone, power bank and so on. Great for carryingand traveling.
2-Mins Timer
Built in 2 minutes smart timer control, 30 seconds interval remindingyou to move to the next quadrant of your mouth, and totally in 2minutes(4 quadrants) to ensure 2 minutes brushing time.Help you develophealthy tooth brushing habits.
Deeply Clean Teeth and Removes up to10X More Stains
Electric toothbrush delivers 32,000-42,000 strokes per minute for deepcleaning of stains. Sonic technology gently pulses fluid between theteeth and along the gum line for a gentle and effective clean everytime.
IPX7 waterproof
Rechargeable toothbrush with IPX7 rated waterproof design, so theentire toothbrush can be safely rinsed with water and user can safelyuse toothbrush in the bath or shower.
Make Your Teeth Sparkle
Skauerer advocates caring for the oral cavity like skin care, helpingusers achieve the ultimate cleanliness through scientific oral careolutions. The brand vision is to enhance the oral health of all peopleand guard the national confident smile.
Perfect Gift for Your Family
Newly launched dental cleaning kit, long-term use can makethe gumsbleeding phenomenon reduced. It can clean your teeth more effectivelyand gently without hurting your gums.

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Posted on 26 June 2024, 04:05 PM