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Avaliable on the Appstore Avaliable in Android Market / Google Play
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7" Portable Wireless Car Stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto +FS

Amazon offers 7" Portable Wireless Car Stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • 【Wireless/Wired Apple CarPlay】:Experience wireless/wired connectivity between your phone and car's infotainment system with wireless apple carplay. Simply enter your car,your iPhone will seamlessly connect to the system. Enjoy direct access to your iPhone's apps,maps,and features via the car's touchscreen display,effortlessly control your iPhone using Siri's voice commands.
  • 【Wireless/Wired Android Auto】:Android auto car stereo empowers your Android phone to utilize its features through your car's infotainment system. Similar to CarPlay, Android Auto can be accessed via the car's touchscreen display or voice commands. This Android auto screen also supports Android wired connection, which resolves the issue of certain models that are unable to(Please note: Wireless Android Auto is compatible with Android 11 and above.)
  • 【Smart Voice Command, Distraction-Free Driving】:Experience a hands-free journey where your voice is the driver. With Siri or Google Assistant integration, effortlessly execute tasks without touching the screen. Make calls, send messages, and manage apps, all while enhancing safety and eliminating distractions. Just speak, and it's done – simplicity and safety, redefined.
  • 【Online Maps & Real-time GPS Navigation】:The real-time map information is enlarged and displayed on the apple carplay screen, GPS Navigator can use map applications such as Google Maps, Waze, and more. Compared to traditional navigators, GPS navigators for cars can navigate in real-time with the mobile phone map, and sync the latest smartphone‘s GPS navigation at any time, with no need for frequent updates. The 10.26 Inches HD IPS display can bring a more intuitive visual.
  • 【Safer Parking By Rear View Camera】:The car radio Support HD night vision rear view camera that automatically displays the rear and front view when you shift into reverse. The 170° ultra-wide viewing angle and waterproof design make parking safer and easier.
  • 【How to get sound from your car stereo?】:The apple carplay stereo has a built-in speaker, but if you want louder sound, you can transmit it to the car speaker: With the FM radio transmitter, you can connect between the device and the car radio Connect an FM radio to do the same on the channel (please avoid using a channel occupied by an FM station). If there is one on the car, plug it into the original auxiliary interface in the car through the AUX cable.
  • 【WERESOUND professional team】:If you have any questions with the product please feel free to contact us that our professinal tec team will reply within 24 hours.
  • 【Works with Almost Any Vehicle and Easy Installation】:Connect it to your phone effortlessly and relish the convenience of CarPlay. Installing it is a piece of cake—no need for disassembly, keeping your car's originality intact. Shop confidently knowing our CarPlay screen snugly fits into 99% of car models.

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Posted on 28 June 2024, 11:23 AM