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Dezin Electric Hot Pot AC

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Product Description:
  • Cook & Sauté without stove anytime - In addition to the cookingfunction of the traditional pot, this electric pot can be also used tosauté food because it contains food grade non-stick coating. The packageincludes a silicone turner spatula and an egg rack for you as thegifts. You can use the appliance to sauté steak, chicken, fried rice,cook noodles, eggs, enjoy a dinner, etc. This must have item in yourdorm/house will meet all your expectations for deliciousness!
  • Easy cleaning & Health cooking - This hot pot electric uses anon-stick pot liner, the slick coating helps to prevent food fromsticking, make it easy to clean afterward. Health-conscious cooks favorthis material for its ability to reduce oil usage compared to uncoatedcookware. Not only is it safer and toxin-free even at high temperatures,but it is also environmentally friendly.
  • Big in cooking - The electric cooking pot is equipped with over-heatingprotection and boil dry protection, ensuring safety during use. It alsofeatures a temperature control function (250W & 600W) that allowsyou to adjust the cooking power according to your desired level. With amaximum power of 600W, it heats food faster and enhances the taste ofyour dishes. This dorm room essential is designed to give you an energyboost each and every day!
  • Small in storage - This Dezin electric cooker, with a capacity of 1.5L(representing its full load capacity when the pot is covered with thelid), is compact in size and easy to store. It is particularly suitablefor individuals living in dorms without stoves or those who prefer notto rely on takeout. Moreover, if you are planning a trip or a picnic,this portable pot will be your best companion on the go!
  • A remarkable gift for your friends - Our electric shabu shabu pot is anideal choice for a gift, thanks to its versatile cooking capabilities,exquisite and charming design, and elegant color. These features make itparticularly popular among teenagers.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 01 July 2024, 03:25 PM