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LED Corner Floor Lamp AC +FS

Amazon offers LED Corner Floor Lamp for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: SRR3QEQ7

Product Features:
  • CORNER FLOOR LAMP WITH REPLACEABLE LEDS: YTDRGB corner light's leds are replaceable, while others' are not replaceable; Isn't that the corner led floor lamp you have been looking for, Add to your cart
  • SMART ALEXA CONTROL AND 16 MILLION COLORS DIY CORNER LAMP: 16 Million colors can be DIY, controlled by Alexa, SmartLife APP and remote control, corner lamps for living room bedroom gaming room ("IF" remote, need to align the control box to remote, only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi)
  • BRIGHTER & HIGHER & SAFER RGBW CORNER LIGHTS FOR ROOM: Our led corner lamp uses 114 leds, 40% brighter than others; the height is 57", which is 10" higher than others, stronger sense of atmosphere; 7oz + heavier than others, more secure
  • RGBW CORNER FLOOR LAMP CAN BE USED IN MULTI-PURPOSE: You can not only use it as a smart led corner light, this corner lighting can service you well when you need to read some books or need it at night. In addition, it can synchronized with the music
  • REPLACE LEDS OF CORNER LED LIGHT FOR YOU IN 12 MONTHS: Our corner lights for living room has a 12-month service, during this time, if there is a problem with the leds, we can always replace it for you
  • REASON 1 FOR CHOOSING YTDRGB CORNER LAMP: Our floor lamp is compatible with Alexa, while others' is only bluetooth functionality
  • REASON 2 FOR CHOOSING YTDRGB CORNER LIGHT: Our light strip can be replaced, while others can't, if broken, the whole thing will be broken
  • REASON 3 FOR CHOOSING YTDRGB CORNER FLOOR LAMP: Our colors are RGB+W, others' is only RGB, no white

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 08 July 2024, 07:09 AM