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Hydrogen Water Bottle AC +FS

Amazon offers Hydrogen Water Bottle for after code with free shipping.

Note: Clip the extra coupon on the product page

Apply Code: 8T9CVRNJ

Product Features:
  • 5 MIN IONISED, 3000PPB HYDROGEN WATER - Our hydrogen water bottle generator uses a premium quality platinum-coated titanium electrode capable of generating a bottle of water with 3000ppb high hydrogen content in 5 minutes.
  • SPE/PEM TECHNOLOGY – With Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technologies, our hydrogen water bottle filters the ozone and chlorine produced during ionisation, making your hydrogen water better tasting and healthier.
  • INCREASE ENERGY AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE - A bottle of high-content hydrogen water can help you increase energy, improve athletic performance, enhance mental clarity, and reduce exercise-induced inflammation.
  • ON-THE-GO CONVINIENCE - Our hydrogen water bottle can be used up to 15 times on a full charge, and its compact, lightweight design means you can enjoy wellness on the go with unparalleled convenience.
  • FOOD GRADE HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS - The hydrogen water bottle is made from BPA-free, food grade high borosilicate glass for your health and double-walled construction for heat retention and anti-scaling.
  • USER FRIENDLY DESIGN - Just press the on/off switch, the bottle lights up in 7 colors and the LED display screen lights up to show the remaining time and battery level. And we design a tea filter, you can add a slice of lime and enjoy your hydrogen lemonade.

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Posted on 08 July 2024, 10:17 AM