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Automatic Trash Can Bathroom 3 Gallon Garbage Can AC

Amazon offers Automatic Trash Can Bathroom 3 Gallon Garbage Can for (Reg. $42.99) after code free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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Product Description:

  • 【Pneumatic Bag Expanding Technology】:The built-in fan of the trash can automatically extracts the excess air between the garbage bag and the automatic trash can, and utilizes the principle of air pressure difference to strut up the bag and make it fit tightly on the wall of the automatic bathroom trash can. This new way of bagging can maximize the utilization rate of bags.(You need to prepare 4 AA batteries)
  • 【Touchless Sensor Bathroom Trash Can 】:Our trash can uses infrared induction, can feel your wave, bend the knee, touch, and other actions, to achieve non-contact open cover.It has a sensing area range of about 10'', and the lid opens after 0.3s of receiving the sensing, and will slowly close after a dwell time of 6s.Garbage can in use will make a lot of noise, our bathroom trash can use slow-down and noise reduction technology, opening and closing will not make a lot of noise, you can assured that you can use, do not worry about disturbing the rest of the family,it is also a good choice to put in your bedroom/cubo de basura automatico para baño.
  • 【Modern&Fashion Design】:The smooth curves, rounded chamfer, and classic black and white gray color scheme create a simple yet sophisticated design that is suitable for modern as well as retro home styles, adding beauty to your space in a practical way.The 6-inch slit design can be placed in any narrow space, such as a bathroom narrow slit, living room corner, bedroom bedside. The 3-gallon capacity holds your shampoo bottles, Coke cans, and other large trash.Exterior Dimension: 11.3" Long x 6.1" Wide x12.9 " Deep.
  • 【Easy to Clean】:Our automatic trash cans are made of high-quality materials with an easy-to-clean and wear-resistant surface that can be easily removed with only a rug, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.The thickness of the lid is about equal to the thickness of 3 coins (5.9mm), and the lid is connected to the barrel in two reinforced places, it is not easy to break and damage, so you can boldly use it with confidence.
  • 【You Come First】:(1)Easy to install:You only need to put the battery into the slot, turn on the switch, then put the garbage bag on the barrel (be careful to avoiding the air outlet), put the lid, the fan can automatically run to adsorb the garbage bag, and then you can use it normally.(2)Our Service:Our dedicated customer service team is always here to make sure you are satisfied, so anytime you have questions or concerns about the products, please contact us and we will be happy to serve you.
  • 【Important Notice】 In the event of a dead battery, the cover can be opened manually.

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Posted on 08 July 2024, 03:37 PM