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Reinforced 55" Retractable Baby Gate AC +FS

Amazon offers Reinforced 55" Retractable Baby Gate for after code with free shipping.

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Apply Code: 50AZ5UGB

Product Features:
  • Upgraded Retractable Gate with Reinforced Bar : 1.the top of the mesh doesn't sag or fold. 2. the mesh gate retracts smoothly and do not wrinkle or get stuck. 3. There is no gap between the retractable gate and the floor. Children and dogs cannot crawl under the retractable baby gate.
  • Retractable Design - Saving Space : retractable baby gates is 35" tall and fits openings from 0-55" wide. retractable child gate is retractable and when not in use the mesh can be completely rolled up without taking up space.
  • Suitable for Babies and Pets : retractable mesh gate provides a secure environment for both babies and pets. It's a versatile solution for keeping your loved ones safe and giving you peace of mind.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor : retractable dog gate can be installed indoors and outdoors as a stair gate, deck gate, porch gate, doorway gate, patio gate to use.
  • Easy for Adults to Use : the locking mechanism of the mesh gate allows adults to open and close the mesh dog gate with one hand, while children and pets cannot unlock the mesh pet gate.
  • Adjustable Bracket - Fits Any Baseboard : retractable pet gate bracket can be adjusted up and down to accommodate any style and height of the Baseboard.
  • Scratch-resistant / Anti-climbing / No Bumper Mesh : the mesh is scratch-resistant and anti-climbing, preventing pets from tearing the mesh and children from climbing the outdoor retractable gate.

Category: Babies & Kids

Posted on 09 July 2024, 06:30 AM