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$89 Ashly AW 8.2T+ Passive 8" 2-Way Installation Speaker with Transformer (White, Pair) +FS

1Sale offers Ashly AW 8.2T+ Passive 8" 2-Way Installation Speaker with Transformer (White, Pair) for $89.00 (orig. $490.00) +Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Deliver high-quality speech and music with the white Ashly AW 8.2T+ , a pair of passive, 8" 2-way installation speakers with a high-output transformer well suited for background music and announcements in restaurants, bars, hotels, public spaces, warehouse, and distributed audio applications.

The AW 8.2T+ features Ashly's proprietary Directivity-Optimized Crossover (DOC), which provides a wide and consistent sweet spot. The speaker can handle up to 70W of power and offers a 65 Hz to 19 kHz frequency response with a 120 dB SPL. The AW 8.2T+ includes a wall mount bracket, safety cable, and a 4-pin block connector.

At a Glance
  • 2-way 8" installation speaker with high-output transformer (sold in pairs)
  • High-strength yet light ABS/ polypropylene enclosure
  • Enhanced sound with Protêa and AquaControl presets via selected Ashly power amplifiers and DSP processors
  • Tilt-swivel mount provided
High-Output Transformer for Increased SPL
  • Ashly redesigned the AW 8.2T+ with beefier transformers that use audio-grade laminations, heavy, high-insulated wire, and grain-oriented steel cores
  • Higher power handling with minimal insertion loss—as low as wall mount speakers costing twice as much. That leads to almost TWICE the power, and increased SPL without additional distortion
  • AW 8.2T+ can be trusted in applications where a distributed system needs more output (think bar during happy hour or when home team football is up on the screens)
Wide Sweetspot with Directivity Optimized Crossover (DOC)
  • Ashly designed the AW Series to meet or match the performance of more expensive on-wall speakers
  • For this type of speaker, music and speech are equally important. Both rely on a large “sweet spot” and off-axis intelligibility. Many speakers strive only for ON-axis frequency response and pay too little attention to OFF-axis system response. 
  • Directivity Optimization, a new, proprietary approach to crossover design, significantly improves vertical axis response. More listeners on the extreme left and right can hear the spoken word better. Music in a restaurant or bar is more immersive and less directional.
  • DOC avoids the lock-step “studio monitor” configuration that is less than optimal for longer-throw applications and creates a noticeably wider sweet spot that is perfect for speech throughout a room, patio or bar area. 
Custom DSP Processing
  • While AW speakers provide ample performance on their own, Ashly’s powerful, easy-to-use Protēa and AquaControl DSP systems give you the opportunity to apply advanced EQ, FIRs, further X-over refinements, and delay to AW speakers, providing a wider, flatter frequency response across the coverage angle. 
  • These free downloadable presets give Ashly DSP processor units and processor-equipped amps the ability to realize the best possible sound without needing to manually adjust for any frequency response anomalies that might otherwise produce less than optimal results.
  • Three levels of DSP processing for AW wall-mount speakers:
    • Level 1: applies the most advanced and precise DSP to Ashly speakers. Level 1 currently works with most Protea-enabled products and includes multi-band PEQ, Universal X-Over filters, HPF/LPF, FIR filters, and Delay (when used with the SP-12.1P subwoofer). This DSP level applies to the following Ashly Protea-equipped amplifier and DSP processors: nXp, nep, pema & ne matrix processors (ne4400, 4800, etc.). Level 1 Speaker files will also be available to work for AquaControl-enabled models, such as the mXa-1502. These will provide similar processing to that found in Protea-based models.
    • Level 2: designed to work exclusively for the ne24.24m matrix processor. It encompasses many of the same features as Level 1, except for FIR filters.
    • Level 3: exclusively for the 3.6 & 4.8SP Speaker System Processors and includes more basic PEQ, HPF/LPF functions and Delay. No FIRs or Universal X-Over.
Ashly Eco-System You can spec an all-Ashly system with quality speakers and subwoofers that make beautiful music or deliver clear speech with Ashly's amplifiers and processors that feature Protēa and AquaControl and of course a range of wall controllers Precise Wall Mounts The AW Series mounts are as special as the speakers themselves. Designed to provide precise and repeatable horizontal and vertical adjustment, without fear of stripping and "sagging". No more climbing a ladder to readjust. Installation made simple and secure.

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Posted on 10 July 2024, 03:08 PM
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10 July 2024, 03:08 PM