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4500 Sq.Ft Most Efficient Energy Star 2024 Dehumidifier AC +FS

Amazon offers 4500 Sq.Ft Most Efficient Energy Star 2024 Dehumidifier for after code free shipping.

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Product Description:
  • 【Most Efficient Energy Star 2024 Compressor Dehumidifier for homes over 4500 sq.ft】With a capacity up to 52 PINT/day (86℉ 80%RH), it complies with the most stringent new standards with a pass rate of only 6%, set by the Department of Energy. Not every dehumidifier can achieve the prestigious "Most" rating.This is your ultimate choice for energy savings and environmental protection. Note: The most efficient Energy Star 2023 standard has expired and they are only ordinary Energy Stars now.
  • 【Pay More But Earn Much More, Earn More Than What You Paid】Compared to non-Energy Star inefficient products,Rhea efficiency is increased by up to 50%, saving you up to $1000 on electricity bills annually (operating 24/7 year-round). When purchasing a dehumidifier, consider not only the performance and purchase cost of the machine,but also the running costs over the next few years.
  • 【Configuration Beyond Limits to Most Efficient Energy Star 2024】Aeocky utilizes the Cutting-edge High-efficiency Rotor Compressor Pro+, with core components evaporator and condenser adopting a 3+2 structure, an extra row compared to competitors, all using 7mm diameter pure copper high-tooth internal thread copper pipes.We steadfastly avoiding aluminum tubes like others, paired with advanced blue hydrophilic aluminum foil, achieving breakthrough heat exchange efficiency to meet the most rigorous energy efficiency standards in history.
  • 【2024 Smart Dehumidifier Should Be Like This】The newly designed architecture breaks industry's decade-long lack of innovation, enabling it have high-performance chip. Millisecond-level dynamic detection keeps humidity within the ideal range, with a full-stack proprietary humidity compensation algorithm ensuring Rhea exceeds industry standard for humidity accuracy. Exclusive power-off memory function can be used with smart socket, automatically resuming operation after power restoration, suitable for smart home or special space like RV and boat
  • 【65℉, the Watershed Between Ordinary and Efficient】 Unlike other compressor dehumidifiers that quickly frost up and stop working under 65℉ on the condensing coil, models with Most Efficient Energy Star 2024 can withstand more extreme working environments.We are aslo equipped with top-tier Defrost Sensors, operational even at temperatures as low as 42℉.
  • 【Quietest Dehumidifier of Same Size and Performance】Eliminate old and bulky piston compressor, saves up to 50% of internal space. Plastic seal AC motor driving large-size biomimetic Archimedes Wind Tunnel makes a silent solution possible; Lowest fan speed noise is just 44dB,operating like white noise and never Never disturb your life, even thought in highest fan speed setting, our Rhea Dehumidifier still quieter than others lowest setting (50dB or more). We challenge the stereotype of compressor dehumidifier being "Noisy" and say "NO" to it.
  • 【The Only Compressor Promising Over 5 Years of No-Worry Use】The more powerful the performance and efficiency, the fewer the compressor's frequent starts and stops, resulting in a longer lifespan. Additionally, unlike other products that substitute aluminum tubes for copper, which often fail within a year, our dehumidifiers are designed for No-Worry use for at least 5 years under normal transport conditions. This is why we have earned the Most Efficient Energy Star 2024.

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Posted on 10 July 2024, 04:51 PM