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$4.99 The Atlantic Magazine Y

Discountmags offers The Atlantic Magazine Y for $4.99 (orig. $59.90)

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What is The Atlantic? The Atlantic is a news magazine that is a commentary on the culture of society as a whole. With news articles that provide you with information about national and global news, this magazine focuses on the issues that impact your life. Order your subscription to a new perspective on news by subscribing to The Atlantic magazine today! Politics and Business The Atlantic subscription will ensure that you have the latest and most informative articles about politics and business. Each issue features articles about subjects such as law enforcement issues, books to read about politics, politicians currently in the running, economic recovery, taxes, and so much more. Whether you are avidly interested in these two areas of the news or just like to stay up to date on the headlines, you will enjoy reading this magazine.  Technology and Entertainment Everyone loves technology and entertainment and with your new The Atlantic magazine subscription, you will be able to read about both of them in a reliable news source. Each time you receive your current issue, you will be getting articles with the latest news about the advancements in technology. It doesn’t matter if you are a technology buff or you prefer just to keep up with the ideas and products that are popular, this magazine will keep you informed. This subscription will also keep you current with the latest trends in entertainment. There are articles about films, books, television, music, sports, and design. The Atlantic magazine covers every topic you enjoy. Health and Education The Atlantic magazine will ensure that you have all the information you want about the current health news. The topics include health issues that revolve your body, family, food, mind, sex, and society as a whole. You will enjoy these provocative articles that inspire you by giving you quality topics about which to read and think. There are also many articles in each publication about the issues that influence education. Whether you are still involved in the educational process or not, you will benefit from reading about the future of society by way of learning about education. Subscribe to a commentary on culture by ordering your discount The Atlantic magazine today! 

This offer expires on Thursday 01/05/17 11:59 PM EST

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Posted on 01 November 2014, 03:09 PM
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01 November 2014, 03:09 PM