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$149.99 Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi +FS

Rakuten offers Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi for $149.99 +Free Shipping.

Apply Code:  REWARDME for $7.50 back in points.

Product Features:
  • Over 1000 Games: Many PlayStation Vita games, such as Final Fantasy X, God of War Collection, and Minecraft, classic games from PS One and PSP systems and more.
  • Remote Play: Stream a wide range of your PS4 games on your PS Vita system over a local wi-fi network when away from your PS4 system or TV.
  • PlayStation Now: Play over 150 PS3 games directly on your PS Vita system with PlayStationNow Game Streaming. (Service not available in all areas. A steady broadband connection greater than 5Mbps hardwired is HIGHLY recommended).
  • Entertainment and Apps: Search funny videos, check your friend's status, watch your favorite TV shows and movies, stream music, and much much more on the PS Vita system.
  • Designed for Superior Gameplay: The slim, sleek, and light design of the PS Vita makes it comfortable to hold and the dual analog controls provide a deeply immersive gameplay experience.

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Posted on 27 October 2015, 07:42 AM
posted by Maggie
27 October 2015, 07:42 AM
Thomas R
Thomas R 30 Oct 2015, 9:09 AM
Yeah this is a decent price
Maggie 28 Oct 2015, 9:25 AM
Sears has it for $139.99 https://saviry.com/deal/718239