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$74.93 Jetboil Flash Java Kit +FS

Rei.com offers Jetboil Flash Java Kit for $74.93 (reg. $109.95) with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • Kit includes Jetboil Flash burner, FluxRing® cooking cup, lid, insulated bottom cover/measuring cup, coffee press, coffee sample pack and a tripod base
  • Innovative thermochromic temperature indicator is integrated into the 3 stripes on the colorful neoprene cozy to show you when the cup contents are hot
  • When the indicator starts to turn orange you know your water is getting warm and will be boiling before long
  • Flash features a translucent drink-though lid that lets you check on the contents of the cup so you'll know precisely when your water begins to boil; lid is BPA free
  • Coffee press works just like a French press in your Jetboil cup; stows inside Jetboil cup so it won't take up any space in your pack
  • Enjoy the deep, rich and full-bodied flavor of the included sample pack of Fair Trade Organic House Blend coffee from Green Mountain Coffee
  • Translucent measuring cup with easy-to-read lines unsnaps from the bottom of the cooking cup, providing a convenient tool for preparing meals and hot drinks
  • Same as the original Jetboil Personal Cooking system, the Flash integrates the personal cooking cup and stove for fast setup and compact storage
  • FluxRing® heat exchanger on the bottom of the cooking cup creates excellent fuel efficiency
  • Adjustable-flame burner is housed in a windscreen, reducing heat loss when a breeze picks up
  • Stove burner and cooking cup twist together to create a single convenient system for cooking; disconnect the stove burner and cooking cup for storage
  • Stove burner and 110g fuel canister (sold separately) stow inside the cup; lid snaps shut for storage
  • Neoprene cozy on the cooking cup stays in place during cooking without melting, thereby increasing heat retention and efficiency
  • Sewn-on tunnel pocket on the cozy holds your utensils or Jetboil hanging kit (sold separately)
  • Piezo igniter sparks the stove to life with a push of the button, eliminating worries about wet matches and burning your hand
  • Total system weight is 16.25 oz.: coffee press weighs 1 oz., stove weighs 6 oz. and cooking cup with lid weighs 9.25 oz.

Thanks MR. Clutch

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 18 January 2016, 05:32 AM
MR. Clutch
posted by MR. Clutch
18 January 2016, 05:32 AM
Andrew Spaugh
Andrew Spaugh 24 Jan 2016, 8:08 AM
Or just but a $9 Pezzetti and a bag of coffee!