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$16.99 16-foot RGB Multi-color LED Light Strip Starter Kit

Tanga offers 16-foot RGB Multi-color LED Light Strip Starter Kit for $16.99 (reg. $69.95) plus $1.99 shipping. 

Product Description: 
An affordable lighting solution to brighten your mood!
Our 16-foot LED Light Strip is a flexible, slim, high brightness multi-color light strip which is ideal for a range of interior & exterior applications ranging from accent lighting to under the cabinet illumination. The LED bulbs are housed in a thick, transparent silicon casing that is water resistant once all the connectors are properly sealed.
The strips small size make the mood strip ideal for a wide range of applications such as cove lighting, back lighting, guidance lighting and channel letter lighting and many others. Also, since LEDs produce very little heat, you can feel comfortable affixing the strip beneath shelves, inside cabinets and even behind headboards.
These strips offer a great solution for everything from DIY home projects to serious architectural lighting. Thanks to an adhesive backing, the strip can be placed just about anywhere with ease, and the control unit is simple to connect, setting the strip to one of three LED modes (static color, pre-set motion & motion speed control) to suit the needs of the project. A supplied IR receiver and power adapter further simplify things by allowing the mode to be changed at a distance.
  • LED strip measures an incredible 16-feet in length
  • 270 RGB LEDs illuminate in an infinite amount of colors
  • Low power consumption at only 25W
  • Three color modes: static color combinations, pre-set motion settings & motion speed control
  • Included remote makes changing colors as easy as pressing a button
  • Easily customized and expanded
  • Lights can be installed with screws or via 3M adhesive backing
  • No drilling necessary
  • Multiple strips can be strung together
  • Great for accent lighting, window fronts, shelves, book cases, underneath cabinets and more!
  • 3M adhesive backing included

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Posted on 14 April 2016, 08:08 AM
Tanga Deals
posted by Tanga Deals
14 April 2016, 08:08 AM