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Free Sunset Overdrive with Gold Membership (Xbox One)

Xbox.com offers Sunset Overdrive with Gold Membership (Xbox One) for Free (reg. $29.99).

Product Description:
Don’t miss the game that IGN awarded Best Xbox One Game of 2014, the game that Polygon rated 9 out of 10, and the game that Eurogamer calls “a breath of fresh air.” In Sunset Overdrive, the year is 2027 and Sunset City is under siege. A contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the population into toxic mutants. For many it's the end of the world, but for you it’s a dream come true. Your old boss? Dead. Your boring job? Gone. Transform the open-world into your tactical playground by grinding, vaulting and wall-running across the city while using a devastating, unconventional arsenal. With hyper-agility, unique weapons, and customizable special abilities, Sunset Overdrive rewrites the rules of traditional shooters and delivers an explosive, irreverent, stylish, and totally unique adventure exclusively to Xbox One. The downloadable version of this game supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese.

Thanks Mr Guru

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Posted on 16 April 2016, 04:48 AM
Mr Guru
posted by Mr Guru
16 April 2016, 04:48 AM
Losdog 17 Apr 2016, 3:14 PM
Better than the indie titles we usually get
Lordy 16 Apr 2016, 2:29 PM
Saints Row IV (x360) also free with Gold. Playable on Xbox One (backward comp)
Christopher 16 Apr 2016, 9:03 AM
Hope this is a sign to come or more AAA games with games with gold
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