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$64 HyperTough 2-Drawer Roller Seat +FS

Walmart offers HyperTough 2-Drawer Roller Seat for $64 (reg. $99.99) with free shipping.

Product Features:

  • The HyperTough Roller Seat combines comfort and utility for workshop applications. The swivel casters' ball-bearing design allows for smooth rolling. The locking mechanism ensures a safe, stable platform for when the tool roller seat's casters are held in place. Two large drawers and a storage lattice provide ample space for frequently used tools, increasing productivity by keeping everything within arm's reach. The powder-coated finish gives the drawer roller a clean, shiny appearance, while the push bar makes maneuvering the unit easy. With heavy-duty construction, the 2-drawer roller seat will add functionality and comfort to any workshop. 
  • HyperTough 2-Drawer Roller Seat:Heavy-duty construction
  • Powder-coated face
  • Push open/close drawer for easy operation
  • Roller tool seat has smooth-rolling ball bearing swivel casters
  • With hole plate to hang tool
  • 2 large drawer and 1 storage lattice
  • With hole plate to hang tools
  • 1 storage lattice
  • Anti-slip locking machinery
  • Tool hanging rack and board for easy working
  • Convenient for easy moving

Thanks Lionking

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 03 May 2016, 11:06 PM
posted by Lionking
03 May 2016, 11:06 PM