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$15.49 Hanes Men’s T-Shirts 6 Pk ComfortSoft Crewneck Tagless +Free Store Pickup

Kmart offers the Hanes Men’s T-Shirts 6 Pk ComfortSoft Crewneck Tagless for $15.49 with free store pickup.

Product Description:
These Hanes men's T-shirts (6-pack, ComfortSoft, crewneck) are a staple for the man who wants to be fashionably ready for any occasion. The classically white T-shirts are great for wearing under everything from office button-ups to favorite team jerseys. Let the T-shirt show under an open flannel for a grunge look, or let it keep crisp white Oxford shirts crisp and white. And of course, he can always wear it alone with his favorite jeans to emulate James Dean.
These men's crewneck T-shirts are sold in a six-pack, so he can stock up all at once. The short-sleeved T-shirts are the beneficiaries of Hanes' cutting-edge fabric technology, ComfortSoft. The supple and sturdy cotton will feel great on and last a very long time. Hanes is so sure of it that they offer a Comfort Guarantee. These six crewnecks will satisfy his under-layer needs for a very long time.
  • These Hanes men's T-shirts (6-pack, ComfortSoft, crewneck) will complete the prepped man's closet
  • The crewneck T-shirts are the ultimate everyday dressing tool
  • Supremely wearable under dress shirts, sweaters, other T-shirts and more
  • The T-shirts are tagless for comfort and built to last
  • The T-shirts also work great as a visible layer under hoodies and flannels, or alone with jeans, in the classic American way
  • The T-shirts come in a six pack to ensure he's never without one at the ready
  • The short-sleeve t-shirts feature Hanes' ComfortSoft cotton
  • Hanes' Comfort Guarantee backs up its claim to a softer, more wearable T-shirt
  • The crewnecks are bright white

Category: Clothing & Accessories

Posted on 06 May 2016, 04:04 AM