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$59.99 Brik Books Build-On Macbook Cover

Thinkgeek offers Brik Books Build-On Macbook Cover for $59.99 plus $6.95 shipping.

Product Description:
Are you a fan of an obscure or unpopular 8-bit character? Lamenting the fact that you can't find a laptop skin with Bayou Billy, Bomb Jack, Dragon Duck, or Pitfall Harry? You can get Mario anywhere, but Simon Belmont? Not so much.

The Brik Book Build-On Macbook Covers let you pay homage to your favorite 8-bit characters - or whatever you want - in pixelated goodness. This grey baseplate snaps onto your Macbook and can be decorated with your favorite building bricks. And when you get bored you can pop 'em all off and start over again. Of course, we can't condone you building a new laptop skin during the middle of meetings, but at least that'll make them more productive for everybody.

Product Specifications 
  • Brik Book Build-On Macbook Covers
  • Choose 
    • 11" Macbook Air (A1465) - 37 x 22 pegs
    • 13" Macbook Air (A1466) - 40 x 26 pegs
    • 13" Macbook Pro (Retina Display/A1425, A1502) - 39 x 26 pegs
    • 15" Macbook Pro (Retina Display/A1398) - 44 x 29 pegs
  • Note: NOT compatible with the A1278 13" MacBook Pro model
  • Easily snaps on and off your MacBook (no adhesive)
  • Compatible with LEGO™, Mega Bloks, and KRE-O
  • Thin design slides in and out of bags without losing building bricks
  • Does not include building bricks - we're sure you have plenty of your own

Thanks Mr Guru

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Posted on 11 May 2016, 02:29 AM
Mr Guru
posted by Mr Guru
11 May 2016, 02:29 AM


Mr Guru