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$11.99 MAD Magazine Y

Discountmags offers MAD Magazine Y for $11.99 (orig. $35.88)

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Originally designed and marketed as a comic book, Mad, the iconic American satire magazine, provides you with satire on all aspects of culture and society. Each issue includes humorous articles about popular culture, entertainment, public figures, and politics. If you love a good laugh, then you’ll enjoy reading this publication. Subscribe to Mad magazine today! Origins Mad magazine began as a comic book that was published by Entertaining Comics (EC) in 1952. Even then, the goal of the publication was humor. The orginal publication was almost entirely written by Harvey Kurtzman and featured illustrations by him, Wally Wood, Will Elder, Jack Davis, and John Severin. The first four continued with the magazine for years. Although it still retains the issue and number format of comic books, it was officially changed to a magazine in 1955. A Unique Sense of Humor Mad magazine was and is one of the nation’s leading sources of satirical humor. Every issue features groundbreaking parodies about various facets of society. There are, however, familiar staples to the magazine. Archie and Superman are two favorites of the editors with a huge emphasis on mockery. Nothing is safe from the satire of this magazine; there have been parodies on advertising campaigns, the media, the nuclear family, education, recreational drug use, and so much more. There are humorous parodies that everyone will love! Enjoyment Regardless of your particular sense of humor, you are sure to enjoy this magazine. With features and parodies on such a wide variety of topics, there will always be a satirical joke that you will love. The humor in this magazine is much more intellectual than that of most joke books and magazines. This lends itself to a higher style of writing and quality that you will appreciate in each and every issue. Subscribe to intellectual and satirical humor today by ordering your discount Mad magazine subscription! 

This offer expires on Wednesday 10/19/16 11:59 PM EST

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Posted on 11 May 2016, 10:10 PM
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11 May 2016, 10:10 PM