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$38.46 Ivation Vacuum Sealer AC +FS

Skymall offers Ivation Vacuum Sealer for $38.46 (reg. $54.95) after code with free shipping.


Product Features:
  • Vacuum Sealing Is A Lifesaver And A MUST HAVE For Domestic Process For Most Keen Cooks! Suctions all the air out of the food storage pouch, and seals the opening shut. No oxygen and moisture around food prevents microbes, mold, mildew or insect infestation
  • Preserve the Freshness and Flavor of All Your Foods For Up To 5 Times Longer Than Conventional Storage Methods, Prevents Freezer Burns on Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, and Keeping Ingredients Entirely Free From Nasty Bugs and Bacteria.
  • #1 Recommended for SOUS VIDE Cooking: Vacuum-Sealed Food Is Immersed in the Water Bath That Is Heated to the Food's Final Serving Temperature (E.G., 125 Degrees for Salmon). And Because The Ivation Vacuum-Sealing Prevents Moisture Loss, The Food Can Be Held In The Bath For Hours Without Risk Of Parching Or Overcooking.
  • Lightweight and compact, Easy one-touch operation, Moist and dry food settings, Gentle setting to prevent crushing of dry or delicate foods
  • Can accommodate up to 12-inch wide bags and rolls, Includes a starter kit: (5) quart bags and (5) gallon bags, Built-in port for optional accessories

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Posted on 17 May 2016, 10:15 PM