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$29.99 Just Cause 3 - PlayStation 4 +Free Store Pickup

Ebay offers Just Cause 3 - PlayStation 4 for $29.99 (orig. $49.99) with free store pickup.

Product Description:
The beautiful, scenic Mediterranean republic ofMedici used to be home to Rico Rodriguez. Even though he grew up here,he was forced to flee as a youngster when a violent military coup tookcontrol. Now, at the request of his friends, Rico returns — only towitness the near-complete destruction of the rebel forces. General DiRavello was the head of the occupying force that originally seizedpower, and has remained in power ever since. Touting the victory overthe rebels, Di Ravello threatens the rest of Medici. Rico, realizingwhat's at stake, decides to rally the freedom fighters, take back theland and liberate his home.

Return to the epic franchise with Rico Rodriguez, as he takes on a new fight in Just Cause 3.Return to Rico's homeland, the Mediterranean republic of Medici, whichhas been violently occupied by General Di Ravello and his forces.Explore the massive open world from the ground and the air in excitingnew ways, including helicopters, wingsuits and parachutes. Jump out of ahelicopter with your wingsuit to complete unique challenges or surpriseenemies by soaring around the world quickly. Enjoy an immersiveenvironment that features dynamic terrain that adds realistic, 3Dformations, including caves, tunnels, overhangs, cliffs, undergroundbases and more. Use the grapple to sling yourself forward and easilytraverse between levels and areas — or take out enemies fluidly. Fendoff foes and stop them from calling in reinforcements to keep the Heatfrom rising. Watch how the world reacts to your actions with advanceddestruction technology and physics that ensure unique devastation eachtime. Are you ready to liberate your homeland?

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Posted on 27 May 2016, 07:25 AM