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$549.99 Lenovo IdeaPad 500 15.6" Full HD Notebook Computer, Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD + FS

Adorama offers Lenovo IdeaPad 500 15.6" Full HD Notebook Computer, Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 M360, 1TB HDD, Intel 3D RealSense Camera, Windows 10 for $549.99 + free shipping.

Product Description:
For limited time only, save 29% on the Lenovo IdeaPad 500 dropping from $775.00 to $549.99 when you buy this item at Adorama.com and Shipping is free!

Powerful Multimedia Laptop 
Fusing stunning sound and visuals with the horsepower of a workstation, this Ideapad 500 laptop is your portable multimedia and gaming companion. 

• Dazzling 3D camera 
• Crisp, vivid graphics with hi-def display 
• AMD Radeon R7 M360 Graphics 
• Blazing-fast Wi-Fi 
• Home theater-like surround sound

Dazzling Real Sense 3D camera 
With Intel RealSense technology, you can interact more intuitively with your Ideapad 500 through hand gestures and facial expressions. In addition to taking gaming, entertainment, and video chats to another dimension, the built-in 3D Camera gives you greater control. 

Crisp, Vivid Visuals 
The Ideapad 500 doesn't compromise on display resolution with a Full HD (1920 x 1080) display coming standard. Keep more windows open at the same time, watch your games pop in high res or kick back to enjoy a movie at the end of the day. 

Powerful Graphics 
This Ideapad 500 features discrete, high-end AMD graphics. Discrete graphics give you a boost when it comes to getting creative with video and photo editing. 

Ultra-Fast Connection Speeds 
With blazing-fast 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi connectivity, you'll be able to connect to the internet wherever you go. 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi delivers up to 3 times the connection speeds of 802.11 b/g/n. 

Supercharged Audio 
Experience the full-impact of surround sound anywhere with Dolby Home Theater and JBL speakers on your PC. All the power and nuance of the cinema, all the immediacy of live performance - now from a laptop. 

DVD Reader/Writer 
There's no need to purchase an external optical drive with the Ideapad 500 - this model comes with an integrated DVD/CD-RW drive so you can load programs, listen to CDs or watch movies offline. 

Windows 10 
Windows 10 is the best combination of the Windows you already know, plus lots of great improvements you'll love. Technologies like InstantGo (hardware dependent) let you boot up and resume quickly, everything runs fast and smooth, and Windows 10 devices now have Battery Saver to automatically conserve power - so you can work longer and play harder. For total confidence, Windows 10 helps you stay up to date and has more built-in security features than ever for helping protect against malicious software. 

Smile, Swap, and Sort - in Seconds. 
Lenovo Photo Master 2.0 combines a modern photo library, with powerful, easy-to-use navigation, and editing tools. Now, with features such as Auto Face Replace, and Smart Event Sort, you can organize and optimize your photos to perfection.

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Posted on 05 June 2016, 01:54 PM
posted by Maggie
05 June 2016, 01:54 PM