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$29.99 Oval Makeup Brush Set (10 Piece) +FS

Tanga offers Oval Makeup Brush Set (10 Piece) for $29.99 (reg. $499.99) with free shipping. 

Product Features: 
* Innovative, oval shaped flat face design allows perfectly smooth application for a flawless finish
  • High quality synthetic hair design allows the brush to hold powders, liquids, and creams without product wastage that usually happens when product gets stuck or trapped inside blending sponges or traditional makeup brushes
  • Luxuriously soft and animal cruelty free brush hair is made of high quality synthetic fiber which comfortably glides across your skin
  • Okay to use on sensitive skin so feel free to use for your face or even all over your body for precise application and effortless contouring and highlighting
  • Can be used to apply foundations, creams, powders, eye shadows, gel liners, and even techniques like contouring, highlighting, or strobing
  • Works flawlessly with any type of foundation, BB Creams, powders, blush, eye shadows, creams, lipsticks, etc.
  • Super densely packed ultra fine fiber hair allows a streak-free, flawless coverage and no product wastage.
  • Oval, angular surface offers effortless perpendicular angled application and seamless blending.
  • Flexible tilted handle for precision and stability.
  • Cut your application time in half with the ease and comfort with which these unique brushes apply product all over your face, build on coverage, blend flawlessly, and allow you to create precise contour lines with smooth blending capability all in one single brush!
  • One brush can be used to apply various colors since you don’t have to spend hours cleaning out product that builds up and gets stuck in traditional brushes or blending sponges. All you have to do is wipe off the surface of your brush and you are ready to dip into a fresh color without switching brushes or having to deep clean the brush. You can also use the same technique for liquids, but just use a clean damp cloth to brush of liquid product before switching to a new color.

Brushes with Suggested Use
  • #1 Large Powder Brush – 6.5"
  • #2 Medium Foundation Brush – 6.3"
  • #3 Small Blush Brush – 6.06"
  • #4 Blending Brush – 5.78"
  • #5 Contour Brush – 5.55"
  • #6 Eyeshadow Brush – 5.51"
  • #7 Small Eyeshadow Brush – 5.3"
  • #8 Eyeliner Brush – 5.11"
  • #9 Eye Concealer Brush – 4.69"
  • #10 Contour/Blending Brush – 4.69"


Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Posted on 22 June 2016, 08:09 AM
Tanga Deals
posted by Tanga Deals
22 June 2016, 08:09 AM