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$25.99 TCP 65-watt Equivalent LED Flood Light Bulb 6-Pack +Free Store Pickup

HomeDepot offers the TCP 65-watt Equivalent LED Flood Light Bulb 6-Pack in Daylight for $25.99 (reg. $30.58) with free store pickup.

Ends: 07/31/16

Product Description:
Vibrant bright light (5000K) shines evenly without glares and dark spots using these cost-efficient BR30 LED Flood Lights (6-Pack) from TCP. Each one supplies 700 Lumens of brightness using only 8.5-Watt of power, far surpassing the efficiency of a comparable 65-Watt incandescent lamp. They operate without producing heat so they won't scorch surroundings or increase temperatures - perfect for indoor track and recessed can lights. Engineered to last for 20,000 hours, each flood light will save you $124 in electricity costs over the course of its existence.
  • Brightness: 700 Lumens
  • Estimated yearly energy cost: $1.18 (based on 3 hours/day, 11¢/kWh; cost depends on rates and use)
  • Life: 18.2 years (based on 3 hours/day)
  • Light appearance: 5000K (daylight)
  • Energy used: 8.5-Watt (equivalent to 65-Watt standard incandescent light bulb)
  • Bulb is ideal for use with track and recessed lighting applications
  • Contains no mercury, does not pose a health hazard
  • Estimated lifetime savings: $124 per bulb
  • Dimmable: no
  • Uses 85% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb
  • LED technology is a prudent choice for hard-to-reach fixtures, as its long life expectancy keeps replacement chores to a minimum

Category: Electronics (other)

Posted on 27 June 2016, 05:27 AM