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$3.79 Crayola 83-Piece Bundle Set +Free Store Pickup

Walmart offers Crayola 83-Piece Bundle Set for $3.79 (reg. $4.82) with free store pickup.

Product Description:

Little artists need tools that can keep up with their boundless creativity and the Crayola 83-Piece Bundle Set is up to the task. It comes with a wide range of items to keep children busy. The kids' bundle set offers a 30' x 12" roll of blank white paper, useful for sketching never-ending landscapes and fanciful figures. The pack also comes with four colored pieces of chalk for use with a board or out on the sidewalk. A single full-sized Crayola eraser makes it easy to wipe clean blackboards or whiteboards. A pack of 77 magnetic letters is also included with the Crayola bundle set and works well for teaching and learning the alphabet, spelling and reading practice. It is ideal for use at home or in daycare or preschool settings. Pair the Crayola 83-Piece Bundle Set with other items such as a magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard, colored markers and crayon packs to maximize little ones' options for creative play and learning.

Crayola 83-Piece Bundle Set:
  • Ideal creativity starter bundle
  • 30' x 12" paper roll
  • 77 magnetic letters and numbers
  • Crayola eraser
  • 4-piece assorted color chalk (green, red, blue and yellow)
  • Kids' bundle set is wonderful gift for budding artists

Thanks Maggie

Category: Office & School Supplies

Posted on 02 July 2016, 08:36 AM
posted by Maggie
02 July 2016, 08:36 AM


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