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$8 Subterrain for PC

Chrono offers Subterrain for PC for $8 (reg. $16.99) plus shipping.

Product Description:

Being in jail and having your guards mysteriously vanish on you for a week has GOT to be crazy bittersweet, right? Like, we might just be a simple website with zero criminal record that loves giving you the absolute best possible daily deals on all your favorite PC games, but even we know that to a prisoner, freedom is the number one goal, so maybe it don’t matter and you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but we still have to ask...where did those guards go, one, and two, if this really was a good thing, how come nobody’s come to get you yet??
But then oops, you remember that you’re actually on Mars, and now there’s crazy beasts that have taken over everywhere, and you don’t really know what’s happened, and you’ve been framed for murder, and you gotta slowly win back the compound and beat everyone back and craft and survive and explore until finally, you can maybe dream of actually escaping!
Okay, you know what? Sorry, that was too much stuff. Way too bleak for y’all. So okay, how bout this? We scale back on the crazy alien prison fantasy talk, and we’ll start you with Subterrain, which is on sale today for like $8 and is basically just the video game version of everything you just read, except with more crafting. It’s awesome, it’s deep, it’s demanding, and it’s WAY better than actually being on Mars and dealing with the real thing! Can you imagine? Why go all the way to space when there’s still so many game deals to bring you here?

Category: Computer Components

Posted on 02 July 2016, 02:25 PM