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$17.99 State of Decay- Year-One Survival Edition +FS

Ebay offers State of Decay- Year-One Survival Edition for $17.99 plus free shipping.

Product Description:
State of Decay is an open-world zombie apocalypse RPG that aims to make the fight for survival as realistic as possible. Players are free to roam devastated landscapes, rescuing fellow survivors, forming groups, and building and upgrading strongholds wherever they please, but survival also entails scavenging for food, weapons, and medicine. Guns and vehicles degrade with use, so gamers must always be on the lookout for new ways to travel and defend themselves from State of Decay's zombies, which are as fast as humans, attracted to loud noises, and especially dangerous in packs.

Player characters have upgradeable skills like Cardio, Wits, Fighting, and Shooting, but any member of a group can be killed, get ill, or turn into a zombie, and death in State of Decay is permanent. The game uses influence as something of an in-game currency, with players earning influence for completing missions, setting up outposts, upgrading their base, and storing weapons and items in a storage locker. But taking weapons out of the locker to fight zombies removes their influence points, so gamers risk losing group members if they pack their entire arsenal and go zombie hunting.

The Year-One Survival Edition features the add-ons Breakdown and Lifeline, as well as improved lighting, textures, animations, and combat mechanics.

Thanks Beck.

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Posted on 17 July 2016, 06:00 PM
posted by Beck.
17 July 2016, 06:00 PM


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