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$9.99 Crispy Magic Mesh Baking Tray +FS

ThatDailyDeal offers the Crispy Magic Mesh Baking Tray for $9.99 (reg $20) with free shipping.  

Product Description:
Tired of fussing with oil, grease and fat? Messy counter tops and tough clean ups? Frying foods can be so tragic. No worries, now there's Crispy Magic. The fast, easy, healthy way to get a crispy fried taste right from you oven. Look this interlocking mesh design lets heat ventilation flow through so food crisps evenly 360 degrees around. Take a closer look, even the bottom is crispy. Chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or tater tots, all baked in the oven with no added fat, no oil, and no soggy bottoms you get from metal pans. Just place on food, pop it onto the oven rack with nothing underneath. How simple is that. You choose, fried in oil or baked and delicious with Crispy Magic.
Constructed from durable nylon, Crispy Magic is tough enough to handle all of your cooking needs yet flexible enough to fold and use as a funnel.
Get Thoroughly Crispy Food Without Frying
  • 360 Crisp - Get a thoroughly crispy meal with not need for a frying pan.
  • Versatility - Use the Crispy Magic in a convential oven or in a compact toaster oven.
  • Interlocking Mesh - Crispy Magic's intuitive interlocking design allows heat to flow evenly.
  • Grease and Oil Free - No more need for greasy and oily frying. Save the mess and eat healthier with Crsipy Magic
  • Nylon Construction - Crispy Magic's Nylon construction is not only durable but it is also flexible.
  • Non-Stick - Crispy Magic is Non-Stick so food slides off easily and clean up is a snap!

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 29 July 2016, 05:36 AM


Gregory Hoffman