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$599 Vizio M-Series M55-C2 55" Class 4K Ultra HD Full-Array Smart LED TV

Ebay offers Vizio M-Series M55-C2 55" Class 4K Ultra HD Full-Array Smart LED TV for $599 with free shipping.

Product Description:

The Most Awe-Inspiring Vizio M-Series
4K Ultra HD for all has arrived. Vizio M-Series delivers incredible UHD picture quality, powerful performance and beautiful design, all driven by an ultra-intuitive Smart TV experience that makes UHD streaming simple.

Stunning Ultra HD
Vizio M-Series commands premium 4K Ultra HD innovations with an ultra-sharp 2160p resolution to deliver masterful picture quality in UHD clarity down to the last detail.

Enjoy four times the resolution of Full HD for breathtaking clarity.

Discover stunning detail and definition at twice the pixel height of 1080p.

Experience 8.3 Million screen pixels in every image.

Everything in Ultra HD
Every TV show, sporting event or movie is scaled up to Ultra HD resolution using an intelligent algorithm and a powerful VM50 Ultra HD picture processing engine. It doesn't matter what cable or satellite provider you have, both standard and high definition can be upscaled into Ultra HD quality.

Ultra Upscaling
Vizio's Spatial Scaling Engine converts everything you watch into Ultra HD by automatically upscaling HD and Full HD content to 4K UHD resolution.

VM50 Ultra HD Engine
A dedicated VM50 Ultra HD motion and picture processing engine continuously sharpens the content on screen for precision clarity and detail.

Ultra Performance
Contrast meets clarity. Vizio M-Series features 32 Active LED Zones that intelligently adapt to the content on screen for a heightened contrast ratio of 20 Million-to-1.

Clear Action 360
The enhanced Clear Action 360 shows fast-moving content with high clarity while reducing motion blur during action scenes, rapid video games and high-speed sports.

120Hz Effective Refresh Rate
This Vizio M-Series TV features a high speed 120Hz effective refresh rate, helping to ensure a consistently sharp picture that is smooth and authentic.

Premium Smart TV
With an expansive variety of content, 4K streaming support, faster loading and quicker toggling, you'll enjoy an intuitive and delightfully simple experience that makes streaming quick and simple.

Vizio Internet Apps PLUS
VIA Plus and Dual-Band Wi-Fi are built into every Vizio M-Series UHD Smart TV. Enjoy a variety of popular apps with Ultra HD streaming content and Internet radio at your fingertips. The simplified app home and app launcher make finding your favorite entertainment effortless.

V6 Six-Core Processor
A revolutionary V6 Six-Core Processor featuring a quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU that speeds everything up - from finding content and apps to powering up the TV.

Blazing Fast Dual-Band Wi-Fi
With support for the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac (that's up to 3x faster than 802.11n), M-Series lets you stream Ultra HD from popular apps such as Netflix.

Second Screen Experience
Browse content on your phone or tablet and play it directly to your Vizio Smart TV. Enjoy true multi-screen viewing with Second Screen-ready mobile apps like Netflix and YouTube.

Ultra Premium Design
Featuring refined metals, cast aluminum corner feet and a thinner minimal profile, the Vizio M-Series form factor exhibits a beautiful streamlined aesthetic.

Smart Remote. Now Brighter
Enjoy total intuitive control with a smarter remote created for the smarter TV. It's double-sided with one-touch access to your favorite apps on the front and a full QWERTY backlit keyboard on the rear.

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Posted on 01 August 2016, 10:22 AM
Jeff 6 Aug 2016, 8:07 PM
55 is only 60Hz refresh, goes up to 120 on the 60...both native not the skewed upscale
ghost 5 Aug 2016, 9:20 PM
i got the 60" version of this. its superfast fast when switching apps and when you smartcast youtube with your phone.