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$17.99 Toddler Tag Child Locator, AC + FS

BrickHouseSecurity offers Toddler Tag Child Locator for $17.99 after coupon + free shipping.

Apply Code:  TAG10OFF

Product Description:

Lose a grip on a tiny hand in a crowded place? The Toddler Tag Child Locator is a great, low-cost way to pinpoint your child in a crowd with no monthly fees or service plans to worry about. This unobtrusive device attaches easily to a child's shoe, clothing or book bag with its built-in clip or included Velcro strap. The parent transmitter doubles as a keychain, so it's easy for you to carry anywhere you go.

The moment your child wanders 30 feet away from your transmitter, you'll receive an instant alert which will make it easier for you to find her. Additionally, you can push the button on your transmitter to sound a loud alarm on your child's receiver unit -- the alarm will not only alert you to the child's location, but it will also deter any potential danger.

To use the Toddler Tag Child Locator, follow the instructions below:

-Simply attach the Toddler Tag Child Locator receiver to your child's shoe, bag, or belt.
-Attach the wireless transmitter to your key ring or simply place it in your pocket.
-Switch on the receiver.
-You will see a red light illuminate on the device.
-At this point, the transmitter and receiver establish their own unique radio frequency connection.
-Push the button on your wireless transmitter once to activate the receiver.
-You will hear a few faint beeps to indicate that the unit is armed and ready for use.

Category: Babies & Kids

Posted on 11 August 2016, 07:07 AM
posted by Maggie
11 August 2016, 07:07 AM