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$749.99 Shure SE846 Isolating Earphones AC +FS

Adorama offers Shure SE846 Isolating Earphones for $749.99 (reg. $1250) after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 1LENSSAVNG

Product Features:
The SE846 Sound Isolating Earphone, features a Quad High-Definition MicroDriver with a three-way system configuration for dedicated low, mid, and high frequency distribution. The SE846 patent-pending design includes a groundbreaking low-pass filter, a true subwoofer that enables deep low-end performance without sacrificing clarity or detail. 

• Designed for professionals and audiophiles, the SE846 extends the legendary heritage and performance of Shure's widely-adopted SE215, SE315, SE425, and SE535 Sound Isolating Earphone models. The SE846 delivers strong, impactful bass, enabling the midrange and high frequencies to shine individually. 

• The natural roll-off of the subwoofer provides the tweeter and midrange drivers the acoustic space they need to be heard clearly and accurately. Audio quality and durability are signatures of Shure products, and these innovative earphones are no exception. 

• The SE846's unprecedented low-pass filteris a combination of simplicity and effectiveness that ensures an unequalled, perfectly tailored listening experience. The SE846 achieves subwoofer sound quality with clarity and detail in less than half of a square inch. 

• The SE846 provides a combination of sound quality, noise isolation, and durability, in a comfortable, sophisticated design. Lightweight with a low profile shape, the SE846 has a detachable cable for easy replacement, and an optimized nozzle angle that's designed to rest comfortably in the ear. 

• A first for Shure, the earphone features a customizable frequency response allowing adjustable sound signatures balanced, warm, and bright options are included. A premium accessories package includes sleeves in multiple shapes and sizes, an additional detachable cable, and two carrying cases. The SE846 Earphones carry a two-year limited warranty. 

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Posted on 11 August 2016, 04:50 PM