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$91 Apple Pencil for iPad Pro +FS

Macmall offers Apple Pencil for iPad Pro for $91 (reg. $99) with free shipping.

Product Description:
By now, you've probably heard of how great the iPad Pro is and you know all about its awesome features and so much more. If you already thought that the iPad Pro couldn't get any cooler, then you are wrong because with the Apple Pencil, using the iPad Pro has just become a lot easier and more fun.
Precision is everything especially for artists who want their works to be the reflection of their abilities. Create art and so much more on the iPad Pro with precision when you use the iPad Pro Pencil. See for yourself just how effective a tool it really is.
The iPad Pencil helps to expand the versatility of the Multi-Touch. It has been designed and engineered to look and feel natural in your hand. So you can create, write, and do so much more with the familiar feel of a pen in your hand.
You're probably thinking that the Apple Pencil is just a glorified stylus, but it's not. A lot of engineering went into the making of this pencil, and it features a highly responsive tip that lets any user feel in control of their creations. The secret behind this responsiveness is that the Apple Pencil's latency (the delay between drawing and it appearing on screen) is greatly reduced compared to a regular stylus, giving the user a more enjoyable and natural feel when sketching.
Another feature you don't get with a regular stylus is that the iPad Pencil has pressure sensors that can measure the different range of forces. This allows the artist to draw thicker lines just by applying more pressure to the pen. 

Category: Computer Components

Posted on 27 August 2016, 03:08 PM


Kristen Hortenstine