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$32.99 Wellograph Activity Wellness Bluetooth Watch

PricePlunge offers the Wellograph Activity  Wellness Bluetooth Watch in Black Chrome or Silver Satin for $32.99 (reg $299) plus $1.99 shipping. 

Product Features:
  • Read Your Pulse, Live - At up to 1,000Hz sampling rate per second, Wellograph records the most detailed data in the wearable market.
  • Fitness Trend - Wellograph analyzes your pulse readings over time and shows how your fitness level has changed or improved.
  • Readiness Scale - Through HRV (heart rate variability) scanning, Wellograph can tell whether you are ready for more exercise or need some more rest.
  • Precision Pedometer - The integrated 9-axis accelerometer is highly accurate. It tracks your every step and every subtle movement.
  • Cardio Time - Wellograph knows precisely how hard you move. The heart-pumping movements are translated into Cardio Time. The higher the Cardio Time the better!
  • 7 Days View - Compare your activities from the past 7 days and motivate yourself to move more.
  • Auto Sleep Logging - Wellograph understands when you are sleeping and automatically records your sleep time, duration, and wake time.
  • Deep Sleep Analysis - How well did you sleep? How many times did you wake up? The collected sleep data is carefully analyzed throughout the night.
  • Live Broadcast - The Live feature shares your steps with your loved ones and friends in real time via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Top The Chart - Compare and compete for the most steps and race towards a better health! Wellograph Live encourages you and your friends to move more.
  • Timing Sessions - A stopwatch feature tracks distance, speed, lap time, and movement intensity. It's a great way to capture your athleticism.
  • Compare your Stats - 4 months of sessions are stored in the Wellograph. Browse your personal records in every detail through the Wellograph App
  • iOS Android, & Windows Phone - More freedom to the people. The first App & Wearable of its kind with triple platform support.
  • Deeper Data & Richer Infographic - The Wellograph App takes full advantage of the larger phone display. The activity data is neatly organized for long term health overviews.

  • Wellograph
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  • MicroUSB Cable
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Posted on 30 August 2016, 04:22 AM