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$59 Revolar Wearable Personal Safety Device +FS

eBags offers the Revolar Wearable Personal Safety Device for $59 (reg $99) after cart with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • Different alerts for different situations: A rapid double-press sends a Yellow Alert, indicating that you’re uncomfortable or need to get in touch with your contacts. A rapid triple-press sends a Red Alert, indicating that you need professional help.
  • GPS Link: Your Revolar contacts don't need to download the app – whenever you trigger an alert, a text message and/or email is sent to your contacts with an active GPS link.
  • Control: Revolar is not a 24/7 tracker – by default, Revolar is on stand-by mode. This means that your phone’s battery isn’t drained, the device battery isn’t drained, and your location is only shared when you press Revolar.
  • Long battery life: Revolar uses a simple watch battery (2032) for power, which lasts up to a year. This is one wearable you don’t need to remember to recharge.
  • Water resistant: Certified IP68, so don’t stress if Revolar ends up in the laundry.
  • Out of sight: Because Revolar is very discreet and measures less than 2 inches, it easily
  • Interchangeable: Revolar comes with two different cases: one to clip onto your clothing and one to attach to your keys. As an added convenience, the cases also open the battery port, so no need to fumble around when changing the battery.

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Posted on 02 September 2016, 04:10 AM


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