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Avaliable on the Appstore Avaliable in Android Market / Google Play
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$30 Google Chromecast Audio +Free Store Pickup

Walmart offers Google Chromecast Audio for $30 (orig. $35) with free store pickup.

Product Features:

  • Easily cast music to your speakers 
  • Tap the Cast button from your music apps to play on the speakers. Play, pause and turn up the volumeright from your phone, anywhere in the house. 
  • Listen to your favorites, anytime 
  • Millions of songs, radio stations and podcasts from apps like Pandora, Google Play Music, and otherfavorites. Discover more at chromecast.com/audio. 
  • Mirror any audio from your Android phone or Chrome browser 
  • For apps that are not Cast-enabled, mirror exactly what's playing on your Android* device to yourspeakers. Or, mirror any music streaming website from your laptop's Chrome browser. 
  • Higher quality sound 
  • Chromecast streams straight from the cloud so you get continuous high-quality sound even whenyou leave the room. 
  • Enjoy your music without interruption 
  • Casting won't drain your battery or get in the way of other activities. Take a call, play a game, evenleave the room all without interrupting what's playing on your speakers. 
  • Anyone can be the DJ 
  • Friends and family can cast their music to your speakers using their own phone or tablet too no additional pairing or set-up required. 
  • Plug in and listen 
  • Get started in 3 easy steps: Plug Chromecast Audio into your speakers and power, connect to WiFi,then tap the Cast button from your favorite audio apps to hear it on the speakers. 
* Mirroring works with most Android devices

What's in the box:
  • Chromecast Audio
  • 3.5mm analog stereo patch cable
  • Power cable
  • Power adapter
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    Posted on 06 September 2016, 05:45 AM


    LionChuột Béo