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$29.99 100% Free 4G Wireless Internet w/ Netgear Fuse 4G LTE +FS

Tanga offers 100% Free 4G Wireless Internet w/ Netgear Fuse 4G LTE for $29.99 (reg. $179.99) with free shipping. 

Product Description: 
Get 100% Free high speed wireless internet on any device anywhere with FreedomPop. The FreedomPop Netgear Fuse delivers blazing fast speeds on our 4G LTE network and fits in the palm of your hand. Connect all your mobile devices to the internet including your smartphone, laptop, or tablet on-the-go with the super compact FreedomPop Netgear Fuse.
Just turn it on and our high speed network allows you to share photos, stream video and music, play online games, surf the web, and check your Facebook page instantly. FreedomPops wireless internet network delivers fast speeds so you can stream videos, check email, and utilize social media while maximizing your online experience while on the go. FreedomPop is the nations first wireless internet provider committed to delivering 100% free high-speed internet to its customerson any device, anywhere!
Product Features
  • 4G LTE-enabled
  • 1.77" LCD Display Screen
  • Compact device that fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere you go
  • Connect up to 10 WiFi enabled devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets
  • Go unplugged with a battery life of 8+ hours
  • 2,500mAH rechargeable battery
  • Built-in security options
  • Network connectivity: 4G LTE only, no 3G fallback
  • Condition: Certified pre-owned

FreedomPop Service
  • 100% Free Basic Plan – 500MB 4G LTE every month
  • Premium Plans up to 80% off other carriers
  • $19.99/mo – 2GB of 4G LTE
  • No contract. No commitment. Cancel anytime.
  • Connect all your WiFi enabled devices on-the-go
  • Fast SpeedsEnjoy LTE wireless internet (10x faster than 3G)
  • Earn additional free data every month by adding friends
  • Earn unlimited free data by completing partner offers

To ensure they best FreedomPop experience, click HERE (or visit freedompop.com/coverage3g4g) to check if coverage is available in your area. Be sure to select the 4G only option.
After you receive your FreedomPop device, activate it HERE (or visit freedompop.com/activate) to take advantage of our 100% 4G LTE internet services.
This FreedomPop item is Certified Pre-owned:
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 90-day warranty
  • Extensive physical damage check
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Thorough data wipe and factory reset
  • Advanced radio frequency test

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Posted on 08 September 2016, 08:08 AM
Tanga Deals
posted by Tanga Deals
08 September 2016, 08:08 AM