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$32.80 Quickie EZ-Glide Bucket with Wringer +Free Store Pickup

Walmart offers Quickie EZ-Glide Bucket with Wringer for $32.80 (reg. $34.98) plus free store pickup.

Product Description:
Make clean up fast and easy with the Quickie EZ-Glide Bucket with Wringer. This industrial-grade bucket is ideal for mopping large surfaces and makes short work of spills, routine cleaning and more. It comes with a spring-loaded wringer to maximize water removal with minimal effort. The Quickie mop bucket has an easy-squeeze wringer with a durable steel handle. The bucket has a large, 5 gallon reservoir to accommodate even your biggest cleaning jobs. It glides across your floors on 2" multi-directional wheels which are set in an outrigger design to help stabilize the bucket. It comes with a comfortable, oversized grip to ease pouring. The wringer device lifts out easily when you're ready to pour. The 5 gallon mop bucket is covered under a 10 year limited warranty. It's ideal for home, office and industrial use.
Quickie EZ-Glide Bucket with Wringer:
  • Bucket glides on multi-directional wheels
  • 2" multi-directional wheels
  • Locking wheel and outrigger design stabilize bucket
  • Bucket has large, 5 gallon reservoir for big jobs
  • Easy-to-squeeze wringer with steel handle
  • Wringer assembly lifts out when not in use
  • Quickie mop bucket comes with a 10-year limited warranty
  • Ideal for home, office or industrial use

Thanks Maggie

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 18 September 2016, 05:41 PM
posted by Maggie
18 September 2016, 05:41 PM