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$29.33 TekNmotion 400 Disc Case/Organizer, Black

1sale offers TekNmotion 400 Disc Case/Organizer, Black for $29.33 (orig. $39.99)

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Keep all your CD's in one place with the TekNmotion 400 Disc Case/Organizer. Its sleeves are designed to keep your CD's or disc's becoming scratched or otherwise damaged. Retention bands located on both sides of this CD case organizer serve a dual function. They help to keep the discs in place but they also serve as bookmarks. When you remove a disc you can quickly see where to return it. This black CD case has a master index chart for use as a reference so you can quickly see the title of each disc and quickly locate the disk you need to use. A total of 400 discs can be stored, which is enough for an entire collection for some and enough to store information on a major project for others. It has enough space to store up to 400 discs so you can keep your whole collection in one convenient spot.

  • The TekNmotion 400 Disc Case/Organizer is built to last. Its rugged construction can keep your prized CD collection safe and sound for many years. 
  • TekNmotion 400 Disc Case/Organizer:
  • Sleeves protect discs from scratches and moisture
  • Retention bands keep discs in place
  • CD case organizer has a 400 disc capacity
  • Color: Black

Category: Office & School Supplies

Posted on 20 September 2016, 03:11 AM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
20 September 2016, 03:11 AM