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$36.83 BioLite KettleCharge

Rei.com offers BioLite KettleCharge for $36.83 (reg. $149.95) plus $5.99 shipping.

Product Features:

  • Unlike solar panels, the KettleCharge is ready night or day, and at 10W, it will charge USB devices (including tablets) as fast as a wall outlet
  • Compatible with a variety of heat sources, including gas ranges, backpacking stoves and the BioLite CampStove, the KettleCharge produces 10W of power using only heat and water
  • Charges smartphones, tablets, GPS units, headlamps and other everyday devices, making KettleCharge a great outdoor companion and the perfect emergency preparedness device
  • Smart LED dashboard provides feedback on heat and charging; an audible alert sounds if the unit is getting too hot, helping to prevent accidental overheating and damage
  • Approximately 15 min. of charging provides 5 hrs. of talk, 5 hrs. of video and 20 hrs. of audio on your smartphone
  • Battery stores power for a quick charge anytime
  • Flexible USB extender is included for charging your device while keeping it safe from flames
  • Folding Power handle packs flat and angles up for perfect pouring
  • Kettle holds 25.4 fl. oz. (750ml) of water for cooking, drinking and cleaning

Category: Electronics (other)

Posted on 20 September 2016, 07:47 AM