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$7.99 Carbon Monoxide & Gas Detector

1Sale offers Carbon Monoxide & Gas Detector for $7.99 (orig. $48.00)

+ $1.99 Shipping

Protecting your families from the danger of carbon monoxide(CO). Highlights
  • Brand new and high Quality. LCD display with a blue ground light.
  • Permanent carbon monoxide sensor.
  • One chirp every 30 seconds is an indication that the battery is low (Green LED still flash once every 30 seconds).
  • Test/Reset button to test the unit electronics, verify proper unit operation and reset the unit via CO alarm.
  • Alarm memory feature: If the unit ever alarms, by pressing the Test/Reset button, green LED will flash once every second for one minute and the peak alarm level is indicated on the LCD.
  • Green and red LED lights indicate normal operation and different alarm status. The unit will sound chirp and red LED flash once as power up.
  • Green LED: Flash every 30 seconds indicates the unit operates properly. The green LED will also flash before CO reading is taken and when any button is pressed.
  • Red LED: Once a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected, the red LED will pulse and a loud alarm pattern will sound.
  • Sensitivity and Time: 50ppm, alarm within 60~90 Minutes; 100ppm, alarm within 10~40 Minutes; 300ppm, alarm within 3 Minutes.
  • Standby Current: <50uA (without LCD); <200uA (with LCD)
  • Alarm Current: <75mA
  • Power Supply: 3 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Operation Ambient Condition: 5~40℃, 20~90% R.H
  • Colour: White
  • Product Dimension: 100.00 x 100.00 x 38.00mm (3.9*3.9*1.49 inch)
  • Net Weight: 150.00g
Estimated Arrival: 2-4 weeks

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Posted on 02 October 2016, 03:11 AM
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posted by 1Sale Deals
02 October 2016, 03:11 AM