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$114.99 Mill SG1500MEC Convection MEC 1500W Heater +FS

1Sale offers Mill SG1500MEC Convection MEC 1500W Heater for $114.99 (orig. $168.99) +Free Shipping

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Mill SG1500MEC Convection MEC 1500W Heater, White

Customers love our Mill Steel series1. As a matter of fact, they love it so much, they begged us to make a floor standing, portable version of it. Mill Convection is the result.

The heater has the same beautiful rounded edges and slightly curved front as Mill Steel. We really wanted the product to ooze elegancy as well, so we gave it a bold middle section in black. Mill Convection can be easily moved. The discreet shape and angle of the feet makes the heater actually appear to be hovering over the floor. Simply stunning.

The winters are the most uncomfortable for the human living. This is due to temperatures that decline sharply and make it impossible without any means of heat generation this is why Mill SG1500MEC Convection MEC 1500W Heater, White. The use of heater makes the temperature warm and soothing and keeps you comfortable even in very cold environments.

The qualities of the heater

SG1500MEC is our basic model in the Mill Convection series. It has an easy to operate mechanical thermostat, and a tip-over switch for extra safety. Recommended room size: 50 - 250 sqft.

This is the product of Mill and is, therefore, a reliable one. The product is available in the most basic form because this is the company's basic model convection heater. This 1500-watt model has a high-efficiency wire heating element that creates heat rapidly thus creating a comfortable environment for you. The heater is made of robust material making it long-lasting. Cleaning and maintenance of the device is easy and the case comes with dust and corrosion free coating.

Aesthetically Appealing

The basic models are although functional but are not appealing aesthetically. The Mill heater model looks very smart with shiny white surface and rounded edges. The coil that is used to generate heat is high efficiency. This means that it will generate more heat while using lesser electricity. There are hardly any moving parts, and therefore the working of the heater is completely silent and would not disturb you in any way.

Safety Feature

The heater comes with safety feature of tip over switch to prevent overheating in case of running the device continuously. The tip over switch controls the temperature and prevents overheating and the same time turns the heater off in case of overheating. The case of the heater is cool to touch which prevents burning when touch making it absolutely safe for kids.

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    Posted on 13 October 2016, 03:10 AM
    1Sale Deals
    posted by 1Sale Deals
    13 October 2016, 03:10 AM