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$38.99 Leachco Sleeper Keeper (Your Choice of Color)

Walmart offers Leachco Sleeper Keeper (Your Choice of Color) for $38.99 (reg. $53.95) with free store pickup.

Product Description:

The Sleeper Keeper Pillow is your ideal mate during and after your pregnancy. It gives you the comfort of five pillows and is great for relieving strain on vital parts, promoting better circulation and relaxation. The back and belly pillow follows the natural body shape for maximum support. This Leacho Pregnancy Pillow cradles your body for side sleeping allowing you to conveniently shift from side to side. After delivery, it will support both of you during the breastfeeding sessions. Filled with 100% polyester fiber and covered with poly/cotton blend fabric, this maternity sleeping pillow offers superior comfort.
Sleeper Keeper Pillow:
  • Pillow follows the natural shape of your entire body
  • Horseshoe-shaped head section allows you to obtain comfortable upper body position and height
  • Extra-long midsection is perfect width for complete back or tummy support
  • The slightly curved end tucks snugly between knees as it conforms to body's shape, keeping you cool and comfortable
  • Allows you to shift from side to side as recommended by obstetricians
  • Sleeper Keeper pillow cradles your body for recommended side sleeping
  • Helps keep your hips and spine in a neutral position
  • Available in Chevron Gray, Petal Rounds Purble, Vintage Turquoise or Brown
  • Promotes better circulation and relaxation by lifting and cushioning areas you choose
  • Relieves strain on stomach, back, shoulders, neck, hips and legs while sleeping
  • After your delivery, the Sleeper Keeper pillow is a perfect support pillow for you and baby while breastfeeding
  • Designed by a registered nurse and mother of 5
  • 100% polyester fiberfill covered with poly/cotton blend fabric
  • Spot clean only
  • Dimensions: 21.25" W x 6.75" D x 58.5" L

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Posted on 18 October 2016, 04:44 PM
Mr Guru
posted by Mr Guru
18 October 2016, 04:44 PM