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Free Nioh Demo (Download) for PlayStation 4 +Free Mark of the Conqueror, Mark of the Strong,and Ogress Headgear DLC

PlayStation offers Nioh Demo (Download) for PlayStation 4 for Free. Even better, players who complete various stages of the demo will receive access to the Mark of the Conqueror, Mark of the Strong,and Ogress Headgear DLC for Free when the full game is released.

Ends: 01/22/17

Product Description:
Ready your blade for a taste of this upcoming action-RPG set during a bloody period of civil war in medieval Japan.
Take on fallen warriors and grotesque demons. Sharpen your skills through every victory… and every defeat.
Only in death will you find the way of the samurai.
• This is your last chance to try Nioh before the full launch on February 7
• Download now so you’re ready to play between January 21 and 22
• A network connection is required to play this download
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Online features may be terminated at any time.
*Online multiplayer requires a PlayStation®Plus membership.
Online Play (Required)
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Posted on 21 January 2017, 04:59 AM