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Prime Student: 6-Month Free Trial

Amazon offers Amazon Prime Student 6-Month Trial!

Amazon Prime Offers:

  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on eligible purchases. 
  • Unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows through Prime Video
  • Access to unlimited photo storage through Prime Photos, as well as Student-exclusive deals and discounts.
  •  In addition, you get access to Twitch Prime, a collection of benefits on Twitch.tv including free game content, exclusive emotes and ad-free viewing; you also receive one free Twitch channel subscription during your no-cost trial, and one every 30 days as a Prime member.

Note:  Membership will upgrade to Amazon Prime for 50% off after trial. Including all Prime benefits, for four years or until you graduate, whichever comes first.  You can cancel membership at anytime.

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Posted on 02 May 2017, 02:36 PM
Switu 16 May 2017, 2:54 PM
I know this girl .. work in amazon shipping department at corporate center
MR. Clutch
MR. Clutch 14 May 2017, 4:56 AM
Mindy: its renewable if you pay when the membership is up
Mike 13 May 2017, 1:44 PM
If ur in school u can set up alias emails every 6 months to start new amazon prime accounts. I've been doing it for years and will continue to even though I just graduated. Lolz
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