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$53.91 Stamina InMotion Rower +Free Store Pickup

Walmart offers Stamina InMotion Rower for $53.91 (orig. $179) with free store pickup.

*Select store pickup to get the price

Product Description:
The Stamina InMotion Rower is compact with a small footprint and makes a perfect addition to any home gym. The oversized foot plates pivot to help maintain the natural rowing motion during your workout. The continuous, non-impact movement of rowing can be broken down into three phases: the starting point or catch phrase, followed by the drive phase and lastly the finish. In the catch phase, knees are bent with shins vertical and shoulders and arms reaching forward. This phase mimics the point where the oars are being placed in the water. In the drive phase, the legs extend, while arms remain straight until the knees are mostly extended, then the elbows flex bringing the oar handles into the upper stomach. In the finish, the legs are fully extended, shoulders are back, elbows are flexed and the oar handle is against the upper stomach. For the recovery, the knees don't flex until after the hands pass over knees as the arms and shoulders reach forward to begin the catch again.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 11 May 2017, 08:40 AM


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