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$329.99 Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security System with 2 Cameras, w/Store Pickup

Walmart offers Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security System with 2 Cameras for $329.99 when you choose store pickup.

Note:  Must choose store pickup for price

Product Description:
Arlo Pro security cameras let you watch over what you love from every angle, indoors and out, day and night. No one can be in two places at once, but Arlo offers an extra set of eyes for you to get more done while keeping your kids and other loved ones always safely in sight. Whether you need to know what mischief your furry friends are making or just want to make sure they have enough supplies, Arlo can be there to see what happens when you're away and catch those YouTube-worthy moments on record. Sometimes it feels like it takes a village to run a household. Arlo helps you remotely keep tabs on all the activity and visitors, from delivery men and housekeepers to babysitters and yard help. 
Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security System with 2 Cameras:
  • 100 percent wire-free: place it anywhere; no cords or wiring hassles
  • HD quality: live stream and watch recordings in more brilliant detail than ever before
  • Rechargeable: long-lasting rechargeable batteries take the expense out of uninterrupted security
  • Advanced motion detection: wide-angle PIR motion sensor makes sure no movement will slip through without your notice
  • Weatherproof: rain or shine, hot or cold, the IP65-certified Arlo Pro camera will brave it all
  • 130-degree viewing angle: see more of every moment with a 130-degree wide-angle lens
  • 2-way audio: listen in and talk back through the built-in speaker and mic, straight from your smartphone
  • Night vision: integrated night vision automatically switches on at night to shed light on the smallest wonders
  • Free cloud storage: don't pay for cloud storage that you don't need; keep 7 days of motion- and audio-triggered recordings for free
  • Local backup storage: connect a USB drive to the Arlo Pro base station for optional local backup storage
  • Smart siren: stop crime before it happens with a 100+ decibel siren that can be controlled remotely or triggered by motion or audio
  • Flexible powering options: use it wire-free or plugged in; the choice is yours

Category: Cameras

Posted on 26 June 2017, 12:34 PM
posted by Maggie
26 June 2017, 12:34 PM